Podcast Three


WARNING: Bad Language and Adult Themes

Welcome to The Paranormal Guide Podcast Three. In this series paranormal researchers and investigators Ash, Spils and Breht tackle your questions about the paranormal and themselves. In this episode the team delves into drunken sky watches at nude beaches, whether one of the teams high levels of fear or anxiety could be psychic or empathic ability, what is infrasound and the ideomotor effect and how they interact with peoples experiences, why so many people receive 'get out' and 'leave' in their audio, and finally, would we harm or kill a cryptid in order to save our own skins?

Yep, it is another strange episode... but by now you should know what to expect!

As usual the discussion is honest and full of dubious language... be advised.

If you would like to leave a comment, ask a question, criticise, suggest or even for just some banter you can do so at: www.facebook.com/theparanormalguide drop it in the inbox there or email: ashley.hall@theparanormalguide.net and we will address it on the show!

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