Podcast Ten


Welcome to The Paranormal Guide Podcast, the show where three good mates and paranormal researchers discuss the paranormal and the strange.

This episode is a special milestone – we made it to episode 10 without being booted off the internet!

There was a plan for this episode but that plan fell to the wayside as we just let the conversation take us where it will. In the end this turned out to be an episode largely focussed on 'in home investigations' - what red flags to look out for when 'shopping for a team', and what are some red flags that teams can look out for when contacted by a potential 'client'.

We also discuss the idea of doing a few future episodes of the podcast LIVE!

Take a listen as we discuss all this and a little bit more on The Paranormal Guide Podcast Episode 10!
(Warning, some strong language and adult themes)

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