Podcast Six


Welcome to The Paranormal Guide Podcast, the show where three good mates and paranormal investigators discuss al things paranormal.
In this episode we do a bit of catching up as it has been a month since the three of us have all been together to record. We discuss the investigations we have been on and the experiences that we have had. After that we jump into the show proper and this episode we discuss some interesting articles that have popped up in the media over the last few weeks including (article links also provided) -

  • Chinese 'haunted' brothel ( Article )
  • Paranormal dating ( Website )
  • Who is liable when someone is hurt when visiting haunted places? ( Satire Article )
  • When is it ethical to attempt to communicate with the dead AND post the results online? ( Article )

Take a listen as we discuss all this and a little bit more on The Paranormal Guide Podcast Episode 6!
(Warning, some strong language and adult themes)

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