Podcast Seventeen


Welcome to The Paranormal Guide Podcast, the show where good mates and paranormal researchers (plus one cat this episode) discuss the paranormal and the strange. We dive into many topics each week - old and new - and provide our thoughts and opinions, right or wrong, to the discussion.

This episode we talk about:

West Terrace Cemetery Night Tour - What did we think of this tour of one of Australia's oldest still in use cemeteries and some of the personalities resting within... find out!

We recently stayed at the Troubridge Island Hideaway for a weekend of island exploration and investigation - a great place to visit in South Australia for a few days away amongst a lot of history... and maybe a few haunts! We tell you all about our stay!

We also share some of the things we wished we had known when we first started out investigating. We share some of these so you don't have to find out the hard way.

Finally, we discuss a paranormal video that has been hitting some of the news sites recently and give our opinion... check out that video here to decide for yourself: 'He just went flying back': Man 'pushed by ghost' in spooky video

Take a listen as we discuss all this and a little bit more on The Paranormal Guide Podcast Episode 17!
(Warning, some strong language and adult themes)

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