Podcast One: Introductions


WARNING: Bad Language and Adult Themes

Welcome to The Paranormal Guide Podcast One, inside you will get to.... look, let's be honest, to try to give a good and concise blurb of what this and any future episode is about would be a large waste of time. Inside is essentially three researchers and investigators talking about the paranormal. The topics covered are wide and varied and can go off on some wild tangents. Our aim for this episode was to hopefully introduce ourselves a little and just kick things off. I think this was achieved... let us know!

If you would like to leave a comment, ask a question, criticise, suggest or even for just some banter you can do so at: www.facebook.com/theparanormalguide drop it in the inbox there or email: ashley.hall@theparanormalguide.net and we will address it on the show!

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