Podcast Nine


Welcome to The Paranormal Guide Podcast, the show where three good mates and paranormal researchers discuss the paranormal and strange news that passes through our news feeds.

This episode we catch up with what each of us has been upto this past week before jumping into the show proper... well that was the plan but instead we talk a lot about curses and counter-protection (Don't ask why Ash kept referring to 'Witch Bottles' as 'Witch Jars', he certainly knows what they are called, he just had a brain malfunction!) before leaving us just half an hour for the rest of the show! -

  • What Ash dug up out of his yard (Post)

  • 'Rat pulled from belly during exorcism' (Article)

  • James Randi shows how 'psychic surgery' is done (Video)

Take a listen as we discuss all this and a little bit more on The Paranormal Guide Podcast Episode 9!
(Warning, some strong language and adult themes)

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