Podcast Fourteen!


Welcome to The Paranormal Guide Podcast, the show where good mates and paranormal researchers discuss the paranormal and the strange.

This episode we tackle a variety of listeners questions and news stories, such as:.

Tarn gives a report on the 2015 Australian Paranormal and Spiritual Expo. (Westall '66 UFO doco link: http://www.westall66ufo.com.au/westall66ufo/ )

Listeners questions "Do ghosts know they are gone?" and "How can a person keep themselves from being abducted by aliens and 'probed'?"

Teenager entombed alive in Honduras! ( Article )

What is causing 'ghostly/demonic' scratches and what could they mean? ( Article )

Bonus! Breht's article 'Do Ghosts have hemorrhoids?' ( Blog Post )

Groom gives bride a coffin as a gift! ( Story )

Take a listen as we discuss all this and a little bit more on The Paranormal Guide Podcast Episode 14!
(Warning, some strong language and adult themes)

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