Paranormal Profiles - Alejandro Dominguez the Dead Explorer

Alejandro Dominguez – The Dead Explorer

When it came time to decide who would be the first person to interview for the new 'paranormal profiles' series, the answer was quite simple. During the early days of The Paranormal Guide Podcasts, we quickly set to work on being able to interview people from all over the world, to bring their work and experiences to you. Our very first international guest was Alejandro Dominguez – the Dead Explorer.

Now, nearly a year on, Alejandro Dominguez once again comes on board with this new interview, the first of our paranormal profiles.

Alejandro Dominguez hails from Austin, Texas, over in the US, and is the creator, producer, presenter and investigator of the Dead Explorer web series. Each week Alejandro heads out and produces a bite sized chunk of paranormal exploration, that is easily enjoyed by anyone with an interest in the realms of the unknown.

A self confessed 'fence sitter', Alejandro is setting himself the task of uncovering the truth of paranormal events, through both working solo, and with the many other investigation teams that join him along the way. He has visited many iconic, historic locations across the US, that have borne witness to many strange events.

However, the real interest in the series are the locations you probably had not heard about, something new and unreal is always welcome in the community, and Alejandro has explored many of the places that have 'gone under the radar'.

In the interview, we find out where Alejandro’s interests into the paranormal developed, why he has such a healthy respect for the dead, and how his early years growing up in Mexico helped him develop those ideals.

We then talk about his series, how it came to be, and just why he chose to go with the short length format for his episodes. As a bonus, he also gives us the low down on how to get YouTube to work for you in getting those much sought after views on your videos.

We end the interview with some of Alejandro’s experiences and favourite places he has ventured into during his journey, and finally where he hopes to head in the near future.

So please join myself, Ashley Hall, and Alejandro Dominguez as we journey into the realm of exploring the dead.

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