Paranormal Profiles 002 - Chuck Gotski and Al Long - In The Dark Investigations

Chuck Gotski and Al Long – In The Dark Investigations

In this edition of paranormal profiles I interviewed Chuck Gotski, founder of In The Dark Investigations, and Al Long, the teams case manager. Hailing from Illinois, US, it was great to meet a new team to chat to all about their passion for the paranormal, their technology, their methods, the locations they have visited and, of course, some of their own paranormal experiences.

In The Dark Investigations (also made up of two other investigators – Larry Jednachowski and Janine Hancock) are all believers in the paranormal, yet tackle investigations with logical explanations for events, rather than jumping straight to paranormal conclusions.

The team utilise an observation/participation form of investigating, attempting to interact with possible paranormal agents while utilising technology to record, and hopefully validate phenomena. With both Chuck and Al having had several occasions where death has entered their lives on a very personal basis, an almost intuition has perhaps developed when it comes to investigations. Regardless, it is the 'evidence' caught on technology which is what they are really after, though a good personal experience/event does not go amiss.

It is with this analytical method of investigating that In The Dark Investigations hopes to uncover truths about paranormal activity. We chat about the teams methods, their protocols and their gear, as well as some of the situations where there methodology has helped to perhaps answer/debunk a few paranormal experiences.

Having visited some of the most haunted locations in the mid-western United States, we chat about some of their cases and, most intriguing of all, the documentary they recently produced while investigating the haunted Willow Creek Farmstead.

So come join me, Ashley Hall, as I talk all things paranormal with Chuck Gotski and Al Long, and perhaps learn something new!

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