Ghost Box June 2016 - The Paranormal Guide


Welcome to The Ghost Box, the show where we chat about the themes found in the paranormal, strange and weird news that has crossed our news feeds over the past month. We have quite a show for you as we delve into the themes of prophecies, strange memories, macabre time capsules, graveyard porn (not joking) and just what is in Tarns box? (once again, not joking)… and maybe a few things else!

As always there will be some adult themes and maybe some questionable language so if you have sensitive ears take this as your warning!

News and articles discussed in this episode:

Woman Who Predicted The Fall of The Twin Towers Has Bad News For 2016 And There’s More!

Muhammad Ali died ‘years ago’ - shock parallel universe claims surface

Woman Makes Chilling Discovery After Buying $30 'Time Capsule' Freezer

Ghost-hunters get the willies by stumbling on 'porn shoot' in Hull graveyard

Trailer for 'Finders Keepers' a documentary an extra being found in an item purchased at auction and the ensuing shenanigans: 

As always we love your feedback and the best place to post that (and to guess whats in the box) is over at this episodes post over at The Paranormal Guide website:

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